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Where do you go when you arrive?

Our studio has two rooms:

-Barre and Pilates classes are held in the east room

-Spinning and TRX classes are held in the west room.


Our trademarked specialty Barre Class perfected in Albuquerque.  This fast-paced class amplifies and adds complexity to basic Barre  movements.

Barre M.I.X.X.E.D.

The "sampler platter." This class incorporates styles from each of our barre and pilates classes

Total T.R.X

A fast-paced, full body workout with a heart-pumping cardio element. Employing the instability of the suspension straps to target multiple muscle groups at once, T.R.X will force the body to engage the powerhouse…the CORE!

Strength & Spin

A 50min class with all the feel good moves!  We begin class with approx. 20min of total body strengthening utilizing our TRX straps/exercises, then followed up with 25-30min of our signature NRG rhythm ride.  Come prepared to improve your strength, cardio, and overall wellbeing :)

Barre F.L.E.X.X.

A tough class made tougher. Essentially BARREFUSION™ with resistance bands added to further amplify the intensity. This class is considered the most challenging.

Pilates Mat Flow

This Classical Pilates mat class incorporates elements of yoga flow and focuses on core strengthening, flexibility and breath. Mixed Level.

Spin + NRG + Ride

It’s a rave dance party…on a bike! Incorporating upper body movements, this fun, rhythmic, endurance testing class will have you sweating, doing push-ups, and even dancing on the bike!


All Bodylanguage Yoga classes will offer a total body workout with familiar yoga poses being thread together with breath to movement. These classes will also incorporate core work and other familiar Barre strategies to get you powered through your yoga practice!

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